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MBBCh MPhil. MRCPsych. PhD

Consultant Psychiatrist

GMC no. 3037159


Occupational Mental Health

Mental health problems are now the number one cause for employees to be off sick from work.


Dr Hindler worked for two and a half years in a large Occupational Health Department. He has substantial experience in the psychiatric assessment and management of individuals who have been away from their workplace due to mental ill health.


Collaborating with a group of psychotherapists practising Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Cognitive Analytical Therapy, we were able to expedite a return to work in 80-90% of people treated. This was determined by an audit conducted annually over three consecutive years.

Dr Hindler currently receives regular referrals from the Kent Police Occupational Health Department.


Dr Hindler is able to provide assessments of individual employees or provide more general advice to management about mental health issues in the workplace including lectures and seminars.


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