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MBBCh MPhil. MRCPsych. PhD

Consultant Psychiatrist

GMC no. 3037159



Dr Charles Hindler is a Consultant Psychiatrist, who qualified as a doctor with a Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery (MBBCh) in 1982. He specialised in Psychiatry and became a Member of the Royal College of Psychiatrists (MRCPsych.) in 1989. Thereafter, Dr. Hindler obtained research degrees in Psychiatry - a Masters degree in Philosophy (MPhil.) in 1992 and a Doctorate in Philosophy (PhD) in 2000.


Dr. Hindler practised as a Consultant / Senior Lecturer in Psychiatry at Guys Hospital and began full-time private practice from February 2002.


In 2005, Dr. Hindler was included as one of four psychiatrists in the June edition of Tatlers 150 best doctors in Britain. Tatler stated that they surveyed hundreds of doctors to determine which private doctor they would send a member of their family to see.

Dr. Hindler was again named in the June 2006 and 2007 lists of Tatler's best private doctors.


Apart from his clinical work, Dr Hindler has been an honorary Lecturer at the University of East London's Psychology Dept. He also lectures to general practitioners on Generalised Anxiety Disorder, Depression and Eating disorders. Most recently, a lecture on Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and Generalised Anxiety Disorder to Consultant Psychiatrists.

Dr Hindler commenced a role as a visiting Consultant Psychiatrist affiliated to the Cygnet Hospital Godden Green in Sevenoaks remaining there until the hospital decided to end admissions for private patients in 2007. Dr Hindler then became a visiting Consultant Psychiatrist affiliated to the Priory Hospital Hayes Grove with his tenure ending in 2021. Dr Hindler's practice is now focussed on his online and outpatient clinics.



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